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Provide food for people in need

Balqees Welfare Foundation creates monthly food parcels which are then distributed through our own activity or via the organisations we support.


We have been officially working with Anjuman Falah-O-Behboodi-E-Mareezan TB Centre in Rawalpindi since July 2018, providing food parcels for up to 200 patients on a monthly basis. TB is known as ‘the disease of the poor’ because the vast majority of cases are found in areas of poverty, unhealthy diet and dirty living conditions.  The medical treatment the patients receive here requires them to have a healthy diet for the drugs to be 100% effective so the food we provide plays an essential part in their recovery and ongoing health.

BWF food parcels are also distributed to the 92 patients and staff at St. Joseph’s Hospice, Rawalpindi. St. Joseph’s provides residential care for permanently disabled people and those with terminal illness and is solely financed through charitable grants. The hospice also provides outpatient medical treatment for up to 120 patients on a daily basis. In addition to the provision of food parcels we have also donated funds to the hospice which has enabled them to refurbish their kitchen with the necessary equipment to hygienically prepare healthy meals for residents.

Hunger is a symptom of the wider poverty in areas of Rawapindi and the Balqees Welfare Foundation team also work in the local community to feed families living below the poverty line. Individuals are able to approach the foundation through a variety of channels to apply for help. Monthly food parcels are then donated to families following an audit of their circumstances. We are now looking to broaden our aid by undertaking a targeted campaign to raise awareness about our food programme amongst communities.

The outbreak of Covid-19 in Pakistan has been particularly devastating to disadvantaged communities in lockdown. Working with our partners at the Hasna Welfare and Development Organization, we have distributed food parcels to two hundred families to help them get through this crisis.

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