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Our Projects

At Balqees Welfare Foundation, we are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those who need it most. Our projects and initiatives are designed to address the most pressing needs of communities and individuals, and we strive to create a more equitable and just society for all.


Tuberculosis Centre Rawalpindi

Social Welfare and Bait ul Mall Department Government TB Center Rawalpindi is a patient’s welfare society situated at Asghar Mall Road, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan working for poor needy patients helping them with medicines and monthly rations. Tuberculosis is predominantly found in poor families due to unhealthy diets. Hence, a healthy food supply is essential for TB patient recovery.

Balqees Welfare Foundation is serving rations to these poor, needy families on monthly basis. On average, BWF serves more than 160 deserving families a month.

Pakistan Kidney Patients Association

Pakistan Kidney Patients Association (PKPA) is a Registered Welfare Charity Organization. It helps in alleviating the sufferings of the poor kidney patients by giving them free consultation, treatment and dialysis. It promotes awareness about kidney diseases by organizing lectures and seminars in colleges and universities. It is apolitical, non-sectarian and non-commercial organization.

Balqees Welfare Foundation is committed to supporting five kidney patients every month by covering the expenses of their dialysis, injections, and other related costs.


Rawalpindi Leprosy Hospital

Leprosy Hospital Rawalpindi was first established in 1965 by a team of sisters whose project was supported by the German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association. The hospital is a 97 bedded facility with over 100 employees and medical staff for 24/7 diagnostic assistance, apart from dealing with leprosy cases, the hospital also treats tuberculosis cases if officially recognized by the government sector for its extensive services. Rawalpindi Leprosy Hospital, a specialized hospital for treatment leprosy patients across Pakistan and situated at Zafar-ul-Haq Road, Rawalpindi.

Balqees Welfare Foundation is providing Grocery in approved bulk pack, to 97 poor patients at the hospital, every month as per request.

(Kidney Care  & Dialysis Centre)

SSWAB Trust is a charitable dialysis centre, registered in 2009. It is situated in Plot C-82, Federal B Area Block 4, Gulberg Town, Karachi, Sindh Pakistan.


SSWAB Trust Dialysis Center is serving patients who are suffering from Hypertension and Diabetes.

Balqees Welfare Foundation is partnering with SSWAB Trust since 2020 and helping them financially by donating Rs 200,000 towards the cost of providing dialysis treatment to patients under its care.​


Hasna Welfare and Development Organization Rawalpindi

Hansa Welfare & Development Organization is a non-profit organization based in Rawalpindi for the welfare of poor, special and deserving boys and girls. Hasna Welfare offers basic training courses for special children on subjects such as Auto CAD, diploma in website design and diploma in graphics etc.

Balqees Welfare Foundation is assisting Hasna Welfare by providing aid in the form of asset support, such as distributing wheelchairs, based on their monthly needs. Additionally, they are offering monthly donations to cover all essential administrative expenses.

St. Joseph’s Hospice Rawalpindi

St. Joseph’s Hospice is a heath care facility run by Franciscan Sisters of Mary. It is situated in Westridge, Rawalpindi founded in 1992. They treat patients with disabilities and chronic illnesses, tuberculosis meningitis, polio and typhoid fever. They have around 42 patients, male and female, and are run by 52 staff including; doctors, ward helpers, housekeepers and admin officers.

Balqees Welfare Foundation is playing its part in this noble cause by providing food for the patients and all other staff engaged on monthly basis.


Afzal Memorial School

Afzal Memorial School was founded by Mr. Rizwan, a physically disabled individual from the rural village of Bangiyal, Kirpa Rawalpindi. The village lacks basic facilities and the majority of the population are poor and landless laborers. Children in the village were unable to attend school as the nearest government school was 1.5 km away. In 2014, Rizwan partnered with Hasna Welfare Development Organization to start a home-based school for children from poor families in his house. The school, which provides free education from play group to class 5th, now has 42 enrolled students and offers basic furniture and charity-based books and uniforms.

Balqees Welfare Foundation has been partnering with the school since 2019. Through the BWF grant, the foundation provides books to students in need, as well as teacher tables and chairs, blackboards, and salaries for the teachers. Additionally, BWF covers other expenses related to running the school.


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