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Provide support for inclusive educational and welfare programmes for children living with disabilities or in poverty 

Education provides the base for social and economic development. In Pakistan, the state education system has been on the decline with a lack of student places available, especially for young people with disabilities or suffering hardship. Balqees Welfare Foundation works directly with local state schools and teachers to find students looking to further their education and with charities that provide education for children with specialist needs.

BWF provides grants to organisations such as the Chambeli Institute and Hasna Welfare and Development Organization to help fund their educational programmes for children with learning disabilities. Students are also provided treatment to help them overcome their disabilities such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, vocational therapy and the imparting of domestic life skills.

We also provide grants to individuals suffering hardship to continue their education by paying fees directly to schools or colleges. BWF is currently paying tuition fees for many deserving students in Beacon House School Karachi, Seeds School Rwp, St. Joseph’s School Rwp and many more.

In 2017/2018 the foundation donated 7 crores to Pakistan Sweet Home for the construction of a new campus in Islamabad to provide a home and enable schooling for the growing number of orphans due to acts of terrorism, flooding and natural disasters.

Witnessing the achievements and happiness of the children involved in these programmes is exceptionally inspiring to us, which is why Balqees Welfare Foundation is now building capital to fund the construction and administration of a school with day care for children with disabilities. We hope to serve two hundred deserving children, providing education, care and treatment for those in need.

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